Wedding Concepts and theme designing

Everybody desires his or her wedding to be the right milestone in one’s life.

Everybody desires his or her wedding to be the right milestone in one’s life. The pre wedding, wedding day and also the post wedding ceremonies area unit rigorously planned and dead. varied wedding planners provide wedding ideas associate degreed themes that make an unerasable memory. Our wedding themes, at  Pavitra Bandhan Event Organiser & Wedding Planner area unit fantasy based mostly, romantic, royal or fairytale themes . In our times folks tend to want a 1 of a sort theme for his or her wedding to create them distinctive. Wedding ideas Asian nation offers a good selection starting from ancient to extremist trendy.

In any wedding décor, colors play a polar role. The Indian culture reflects a preference for vivid and vivacious, happy colors. Red, orange, golden, maroon and violet kind the attractive wedding palette. stunning drapes in these luxurious colors area unit offset by pastels like lightweight blue, yellow, pink and inexperienced. This adds to the drama of the event. Our job as wedding decorators is difficult and artistic.

Theme weddings area unit the last word crowd entertainer. Here are some suggestions that we tend to as wedding planners would like to implement.

  • Rangila Punjab
  • Guajarati Dhang
  • Marwari Mela
  • Rajasthani Rajwara
  • Candle Light
  • Fairy Land
  • Jungle
  • Goan Theme
  • Indian Mela Theme
  • Fusion: Sea/Mist Green
  • Fusion: Red & Black.
  • Fusion: Blue & Silver.
  • Fusion: White & Gold.
  • Peacock Theme
  • Rangilo Rajasthan
  • Disko Theme
  • Oscar Theme
  • Ramayan Theme
  • Diya-Bati theme
  • Peris theme
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Lotus Theme
  • Box Theme
  • Lamp Theme
  • Palace Theme